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S Z E R E L M I - My Final Edition On Tokaji

                                                                          - Tokaj - 
“Accept what life offers you and try to drink from every cup. All wines should be tasted; some should only be sipped, but with others, drink the whole bottle.” ― Paulo Coelho

Before I start writing my journey with tokaji wines, feelings are emotional. The journey of tasting Hungarian wines has come to an end. Perhaps mixed emotion can define the state of mind. It was my privilege that I have tasted some of the finest wines which I studied during my wset days. As most talked about world-wide I decided and started with Aszú 6 Puttonyos, which is topaz (yellow gold) in the glass, heavenly smell of dried lemony apricot, sweet biscuits white flowers, On palate wine offers bright flavors of honeycomb, orange marmalade. Silky texture and a long airy finish that lingers for minutes in the mouth with flavors like orange peel and honey has been aged in oak barrels. Aszú I call by "Treasure Of Tokaj" was an experience at my early stage it has changed the concept of white sweet wine its beyond that...truly a treasure.

My Second was, E S Z T E R 2008 - Tokaji cuveée 
Production :1966 Bottles! No 853 was mine. Alcohol 11% sweet white wine. Sipping a Limited edition wine is divine !! Medium amber in the glass, this wine smells of raw honey and candied exotic fruits. On palate wine offers burnt orange peel and dark honey flavours mixed with notes of tea and dried mango. The wine has a beautiful texture and a very nice finish.
(For more details refer my last two blogs on Aszú and E S Z T E R 2008 exclusively)


                                          Szerelmi 2009 By Demeter Zoltan

My 3rd edition Tokaji - from Szerelmi vinyard 2009 region Hegyalja, variety Harslevelu.
Appearance  - Clear on nose, between medium and high on intensity pale gold in the glass with a hint of green, aroma of exotic tropical fruity more of pineapple, pine berries taste like with lemony yogurt. On palate wine offers tropical fruits mango pulp, peaches, guava, and melon, a well balanced combination you can think of, is a bottle of Szerelmi. I appreciate the remarkable juicy freshness in it. Brilliant !

There is a point when you really can't hide your expressions over a good wine and stopping self is hurtful to an exquisite aromatic wine lover. Before I write Indian Food with Szerelmi which is one of my favorite Till then why don't you soak yourselves with these breathtaking views, I got some exclusive pictures of what I am writing about and happy to share with you all. 

                                               Beautiful day in the vineyard.

  The buddy strolling around in the vineyard 

                                       The Smarty Red ~ My Hungarian friend!

                               Bright and sunny day outing  at Tokaj vineyard

                                          Splendid day walking around vineyard

                   Most essential part of vineyard and many of our lives!

Note :- "After all the beautiful pictures if you have any special caption do comment, I may add your caption, that's a little I would love to do for my readers " 

Wine and Food  :- Yes! we talking about it, as always my favorite column. 
I tasted with some of the amazing Indian, Mexican cuisines, French cheese plus seafood platter and Mediterranean to name few here I have chicken steak with mashed potatoes, garlic bread, Chicken dum biriyani was cooked by me..Oh! ask me, my folks loved it. On other plate we have some fresh black olives, chunky yellow pepper, crackers, whole wheat crackers, apricots, grapes, five various french cheese, goa fish fry, jumbo prawns, calamari, along with french fries. The next is some fine chopped chicken with cheese and veggies with nachos, lot of fresh cream and green olives to finish. 
                      Tasted with Indian, French, Goan, Mediterranean
                                                   ............and Mexican cuisine 
                                                                    A score is about 9
On The finish is quite long and tinged with white flowers and hints of dried herbs there's a light sweetness to the wine in the front of the mouth, but mostly fades by the time the wine finishes. The alcohol percentage of Szerelmi comparatively is higher than Aszú and E S Z T E R but surprisingly the exotic flavors helps to fade and cut down a bit of  alcohol which is 15%

                    Loved the aroma which is still lingering  ~ a "touch" of jasmine slight hint of woods. A 
                    twinge of citrussy, butteriness with exotic fruity flavours on mouth is unimaginable so

                    is unforgettable.......
I would Like to thank Mr. Ferenc Zelenak for introducing me to Mr. Demeter Zoltán without him it couldn't be possible.Vineyard Picture Courtesy goes to my Hungarian Friend - Ferenc Zelenak
Food Picture Courtesy goes to @wineSutra


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